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Supporting health professionals with the right skills and the right training

At the University Centre for Rural Health, we want to work collaboratively to promote health and wellbeing for all people across rural and regional Australia. Over the past few weeks, we’ve joined forces with the Northern NSW Local Health District and the Rural Doctors Network on two fantastic programs, run through our Simulation Centre, that will help us equip and support local health professionals.

The first program, the Aboriginal Health Worker Training Program, is a program generously supported by the Rural Doctors Network. Targeted at the region’s Aboriginal Medical Services and LHD staff, we are working hard to provide culturally sensitive and community-focused training designed to empower Aboriginal Health Workers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to be front-line health workers and to improve wellbeing of their communities.

The first of multiple sessions was held at UCRH in mid-June, with participants being guided through sessions on trauma informed care and mental health. Tomorrow, participants will return for their second day of training, this time focused on basic medical terminology and medications and on physical assessment.

Equally impactful was a training session we hosted in collaboration with the Northern NSW Regional Training Hub and the Northern NSW Local Health District for their junior staff in the General Medicine team. General Medicine physicians are specialty physicians with expertise in the diagnosis and management of complex, chronic and multisystem disorders in adult patients and the training we delivered was focused on improving responses to critical patients and those needing advanced life support. The session was funded by the Regional Training Hub and facilitated with the support of Dr Jane Rigg from Lismore Base Hospital. The training was provided for interns, resident medical officers and others in the General Medicine team.

It is important to us that we strengthen and support our local rural health workforce and provide continuing professional development in the Northern Rivers. We offer a range of standard courses throughout the year but we also work with health services, practices and others to tailor programs. We have scope to deliver courses in the fields of critical care, paediatrics, medical and surgical nursing, maternity and neonates, and emergency upskilling for GPs and GP registrars. We can offer training in our Simulation Centre or at other locations.

Please contact our Simulation Centre team to discuss your training needs

Above: Aboriginal Health Worker Training Program participants debrief with facilitator Dani Cameron after an intense and powerful trauma informed care session.
Above: Interns and Registered Medical Officers were put through their paces at recent training held in collaboration with the Northern NSW Local Health District.