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Learning from and with each other

Our Multidisciplinary Education Program, more colloquially know as the Wednesday Program, enables students across a broad range of disciplines and universities to better understand each other’s roles and to work in unison. This perspective, known as integrated care, is something we embed in our teaching. We focus on providing students with a number of opportunities for interdisciplinary training.

This week, our Wednesday Program saw allied health students from a variety of universities and from many disciplines (including exercise physiology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology) participate in a combined simulation program. Joining the simulation were Lismore Base Hospital Emergency Department junior doctors and medical students on placement with us from Western Sydney University.

The session was supported by the Northern NSW Regional Training Hub as simulation of scenarios provides a safe, learning environment for medical officers and medical students to work through cases they may encounter in their clinical roles. Our Simulation Centre replicates a clinical setting which provides a great space for these sessions to take place. 

Three scenarios were covered in the simulation, including the management of a multi trauma patient, a stroke patient and decision making for end of life.

The allied health students were able to watch the initial emergency management for these simulated patients and learn about the decision-making process. The scenarios were paused at various points to allow input from the students, including to discuss what their priorities would be for these patients and how they would manage or prevent complications.

The sessions were facilitated by medical teams from the Regional Training Hub, our Simulation Centre, and our Allied Health Education team.

This was a great opportunity for shared learning and vertical integration between clinicians, health students and the training of our junior doctors.