Baribunmani Wanyi Ngay – Health Careers for young Aboriginal People

Baribunmani Wanyi Ngay – Health Careers for young Aboriginal People

The inaugural BWN program kicked off this week with sixteen students from Ballina Coast High School and Three Rivers – Kadina Year 8.

The first session, which is planned to be the first of 5 over the next years to Year 12 with this group of students, was filled with interactive learning, discussion, laughing and a BBQ.  All 16 students had an opportunity to use the mannequins in the simulation centre, learning about CPR and using a defibrillator.

The speakers included Samara, the Registered Nurse from Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service. A local Ballina woman, Samara talked about her journey to becoming an RN, from an Aboriginal health worker in Darwin to EEN to RN while being a mum with three kids. She was really inspiring to listen to and several of our young mob asked great questions about her inspiration, and what helped her make her choice of career.

Benny, a Tweed man, who is currently doing his Bachelor of Bio Medical science at SCU, talked to the students about his learnings, choice to study and about his deep depression after his friend committed suicide. Benny, who is only 21, came to group with speakers, a guitar and an ability to beat box, which he did when he rapped an anatomy and physiology review, and beat boxed and rhymed with the students about choices. He finished his session to a completely silent (unheard of!) group, when he performed a rap about mental health.

Emma Walke and Darlene Rotumah