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Could a digital detox be the best bet for referendum self-care?

WellMob, a one-stop digital library of social and emotional wellbeing content made for and by our diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples had created a new resource with tips for self-care in the lead-up to the referendum on the Voice to Parliament.

This resource sheet for community has practical tips for self-care during the referendum debate. It has links to some online resources relevant to each tip including useful webpages on the WellMob website for online safety, strong minds and culture and identity.

The tips are designed for anyone interested in simple ways to look after their wellbeing during the lead-up to, and beyond, the October 2023 Referendum on The Voice to Parliament.

Among the tips: tap out of media by taking a digital break; or do something that connects with mind, body and spirit.

Find all the tips on the resource sheet on the WellMob website at

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash