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Disability and Health

Project Summary

This program of work is related to improving health outcomes for people with disability, with a focus on people living in rural communities.

Our Investigators

  • Dr Jodie Bailie


Dr Bailie holds a dual position with UCRH and the Centre for Disability Research and Policy. She serves as a Senior Research Fellow on an NHMRC-funded Synergy Grant focused on enhancing mental health outcomes for young people with disability. This collaborative research grant is led by the University of Melbourne.



What does the Project do?

This program of research is varied and includes a variety of methodological approaches.

What type of project/study?

This is not just one research study, but rather a collection of projects. These projects aim to: 

  • enhance access to primary care for people with intellectual disability
  • identify barriers and facilitators to implementing preventive health assessments in general practice for people with intellectual disability
  • ensure people with disability are not overlooked or neglected during disasters
  • enhance mental health outcomes for young people with disabilities