About the program


The UCRH provides a comprehensive and innovative regional-rural clinical learning experience for medical students from 3 participating universities, University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney and University of Wollongong. We host medical students for up to a year from each of these universities.


Rural placements are provided in a variety of hospital and community settings to meet the curriculum requirements of each university but with a focus on a rural environment. These placements include acute hospital placements in areas such as critical care, emergency, mental health, medicine and surgery as well as exposure to small rural hospitals, community centres, General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Centres.


The main objective of the collaborative is to expose students to living and working in a rural area with the aim that they will gain an understanding of the need for quality and competence as clinician and community leader, and provide commitment to servicing rural populations.


The UCRH provides a comprehensive education program including simulation and clinical skills, a weekly timetable of bedside tutorials, student led clinical discussions, opportunities for students to engage and practice long case exams, social and personal development activities, a cultural welfare program and opportunities to engage with the local community.


There are also opportunities for all students to meet and learn with other students from other universities and other disciplines in a variety of settings. UCRH has embedded a strong ethos in ensuring that students have a genuine understanding of social inequity, the implications of culture and demography, and the role of the health professional as a leader in the rural community. Students are supported in all aspects of their personal and professional development, with a support and administration team, and a faculty rich in experience and depth.