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Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Gathering

Best of luck to the four UCRH team members headed to Canada in coming days to attend the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Gathering in Vancouver, Canada. Healing Our Spirit Worldwide brings together Indigenous people from around the world every four years. This is the ninth gathering and will see around 5,000 people coming together to share and learn from each other around the theme “celebrating resiliency”. The theme honours Indigenous teachings, with speakers, panels and sessions that will explore wellness, governance, and self-determination.

In addition to presenting about the Well Mob Project, the team will be tapping into valuable international experience and learnings around education and rural health among Indigenous communities worldwide.  Financial support to attend has been provided by The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and UCRH R&D grants.

Representing UCRH will be Marcelle Townsend-Cross (Lecturer Aboriginal Health), Tara Bayles (Aboriginal Health Research Assistant), Tracey Piccoli (Associate Lecturer Aboriginal Health) and Angela Sheridan (Well Mob Project Officer).