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Fitting the pieces of integrated care together

A recent publication in the International Journal of Integrated Care has highlighted the importance of recommendations from the current national scope of practice review focussing on a nationally consistent approach in promoting and implementing common interprofessional competencies and national standards.

UCRH’s Academic Coordinator Interdisciplinary Education, Frances Barraclough, is one of the authors of the journal article titled An International Competency Framework for High-Quality Workforce Development in Integrated Care (IC): A Modified Delphi Study Among Global Participants.

This journal article provides a global consensus on the competencies required for workforce training and development in integrated care and offers recommendations on how these competencies can be implemented in higher education and vocational institutions and workplace settings. The results will be useful for developing policy and curriculum by health and education providers and accreditation bodies.

The approach canvassed in the article is reflected in the programs implemented at UCRH. Our Interprofessional Learning program encourages and provides opportunities for participants to experience an integrated approach, where they can see the benefit of working in an interdisciplinary, reciprocal setting.

Read the full publication here.