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An untapped resource for patient health management?

The latest edition of Public Health Research & Practice, published by the Sax Institute, has been released today. The edition focuses on the theme Global health action delayed: people’s health and wellbeing denied and features an article by UCRH researchers.

The paper is entitled Individuals with musculoskeletal conditions awaiting orthopaedic surgery consultation: an untapped opportunity for patient health management? It looks at the experience of people with musculoskeletal conditions awaiting orthopaedic surgical consultation.

The paper notes that musculoskeletal conditions are highly prevalent in the general population and have significant personal, economic and societal costs. In the study it reports on, almost almost three-quarters of individuals referred for orthopaedic consultations for musculoskeletal conditions had three or more modifiable chronic disease risk factors. The paper concludes that the time period where these people are waiting for consultation presents an opportunity for active management of chronic disease risk factors that can address a gap between primary and secondary care.

Read the full publication here.