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Adding moulage skills to our simulation repertoire

Curious about what make-up has to do with a rural health centre? The answer is moulage. Moulage is a French word for casting or moulding and refers to the art of applying mock injuries for training medical and health workers, and some of our staff have just brushed up their skills on this front.

[Warning: graphic, but not real image below]

Some of the staff from our Simulation Centre team recently attended Laerdal Simulation User Network sessions and took part in a workshop on moulage. We want to increase our capacity to make the training programs we run as realistic, immersive and holistic as possible, so this was a great way for us to upskill and to increase our ability to accurately depict wounds, burns or other issues such as rashes.

The programs the Simulation Centre runs are innovative and focused on improving the health outcomes of rural communities, and this training enhances our capacity to ensure what we offer is relevant for all medical, nursing/midwifery and allied health students. Our programs can provide continuing professional development for current rural health practitioners and we also offer bespoke training so if you’d like to find out more about our Simulation Centre courses or discuss a tailored training program specific to your health service, practice or other settings, please get in touch.

And for those curious about moulage, some of the work done as part of the workshop. Ow!