Small changes have had a huge impact on aged care residents

Small changes have had a huge impact on aged care residents

Since January this year the UCRH Murwillumbah Campus has facilitated the placements of 67 University of Sydney Physiotherapy students in local aged care facilities.

During the five-week placement, students have improved their clinical and communication skills through their interactions with residents and Supervisors.   At weekly general and clinical debriefs, students speak about the rapport they have developed with their patients and the interesting stories their patients share with them about their lives, in particular, veterans.  Through these relationships, students have increased their confidence and skills to make them ‘work-ready’.

Students have also been amazed that small changes for the residents, such as adjusting walkers or correcting gait, have had a huge impact in regards to greater mobility, increased independence and improved mood.

The three main areas where students have noted their growth has been:

  1. independence
  2. confidence
  3. communication.

A number of students have said that after this placement they would consider entering the rural workforce, while prior to this placement it had not been a consideration.

“The residents were a pleasure to work with and were very patient during our learning process.”
“Our services were very much appreciated.”
“Having time to get to know patients allowed us to see the progress our treatment was providing.”