Allied Health & Nursing

We support universities from all over Australia with their student clinical placement programs by enhancing students learning experience and increasing supervisors’ capacity for supervising students.


Our work also enhances links between clinicians and universities at a local level. We also provide administrative support for universities, streamlining the process of placement for both the student and the clinician including:

  • Student support
  • Personal support (local information, social support, accommodation)
  • Administrative (e.g. placement timetabling – depending on the type of placement, we offer varied experiences in a range of educational settings in our local area)
  • Educational (e.g. 24 hours/7 days per week access to UCRH study area, weekly tutorials)
  • Student supervisor support (education, help planning placements, support during placements)
  • Liaising with our local clinicians to organise placements


Student Placement Guide 2018